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Vice General Secretary Message (IFBB)
Dear Fitness Enthusiasts, Sports Lovers & Friends,

On behalf of the IFBB Academy India, I am immensely honored to welcome all to our IFBB Academy India website.

IFBB Academy India has set its goal on the specific task of developing, refining, and qualifying coaches and all those interested in/or lovers of bodybuilding and fitness in India that suits them as per the size of their ambitions. This fun filled sport beautifully depicts the best of extravagant beauty and muscular coordination of the human body.

We're proud to present our evidence-based courses wherein the comprehensive programs simply merge the latest scientific techniques with practical training, meticulously designed to develop a profound understanding of fitness with the necessary skills to translate this knowledge into effective training techniques. Our courses not only help is just passing exams but transform everyone to a proficient, and confident fitness trainer capable of effectively guiding the society towards their fitness goals with safety.

Our job does not merely end on certification but is fully committed to your growth and development. In today’s modern world, continuous education is the real need. Being our member, you will be updating yourself with a bunch of training, nutrition and fitness techniques.

The confidence of IFBB Academy in us is based on the vast experience we possess, in this field facilitating our mission to take this noble task aiming to creating a completely new generation of competent coaches capable of training and qualifying champions of India taking the centre stage at national and international levels.

We have applied our heart and minds to bring this IFBB Academy India to the level it deserves, with the best application of renowned and immensely popular professionals in health and fitness from across India for achieve the desired results matching our vision and consistent with approach and objectives of the IFBB Academy, Madrid (Spain).

We promise to continue this beautiful journey of excellence not only to achieve higher success and progress of the IFBB Academy India but for the strong development of bodybuilding and fitness family of this country as a whole..

Warm Regards,
Dr.Sanjay More
IFBB Vice General Secretary.